Have you ever caught yourself thinking...

"There has to be a better way to do this."

"I could do this if I had the right skill."

"My life could be more balanced."

"There is a solution here that will work for the whole team."

...but you didn't know how to get there
on your own?

"I didn't just learn from Char -- she helped me discover HOW to learn."

David Preis
Best Buy Corp

Discovery Works helps individuals and organizations discover and develop the skills, behaviors, ideas, and strategies needed to get the most from their lives and work.

We provide three paths to discovery:

Coaching is an opportunity to work one-on-one with a professional on your specific needs in a confidential and individualized program of discovery. You will have the opportunity to step back, evaluate, and clarify what you want from life - professionally and personally. You will discover and develop your unique set of skills, talents and abilities and learn how to apply these to create results in your life.

Practical, relevant, and continual learning is an important step in maintaining your competitive edge professionally and stretching yourself personally. Discovery Works offers business and life skills training in two formats:

Learning Bites
A menu of training programs to pick and choose from that offers bites of learning that you can participate in and easily absorb in 45 to 90-minute sessions.

Customized Training
Training programs in business, leadership, and life skills designed and delivered specifically for your group; or even taught by your own personnel.

A Discovery Works professional facilitator can boost the productivity of your meetings, retreats or problem-solving sessions. We'll work with you to clarify objectives and goals for the session, design the flow of the agenda and information, and provide advice on how to bring out the best from your participants. We will then conduct the session, working towards clear results and action with follow-up work. You also have the option to work with Discovery Works to learn and transfer facilitation skills into your organization.

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