Learning Bites is a menu of practical and affordable education courses that you can offer at work or in your organization.  Each program is limited to 45 to 90 minutes and is served with useful information that can be immediately applied on the job and in life.

Defining Your Success
Helps you to question what success means to you and provides ideas on how to get there.

Creating a Life Plan
Take a step back and learn how answering a few simple questions may help you create a plan to ensure you get what you want from life.

Learning U
Learn from the best school—you! Apply what you have learned from your successes and your mistakes toward making your life better.

Managing Your Career
Learn how to take a more active role in managing your career by setting goals and creating an action plan.

Getting Your Point Across
Learn some basic rules of good communication to help you get your message across clearly.

Listening To Others
Communication is a two-way process. Receive helpful information on how you can improve your ability to listen and understand others.

Speaking Tips
Tips and techniques to reach an audience and achieve the results you want when you speak in public.

Presentation Skills
An overview of how your voice, body language, and audiovisuals can impact your presentation.

Building Relationships
Building relationships is essential to gaining others’ support in achieving results. Receive an overview of ideas for building better relationships starting today.

Creating A Team
There are many ways to team—formally and informally. Learn how to build a team to achieve your goals and objectives.

Making Teams Work
Learn about the stages in the life of a team and strategies to improve how team members work together.

Helping Others Develop
Feedback is essential to development. Learn the basics of giving and receiving helpful feedback.

Getting Things Done
Discover useful tips and techniques to get things done.

Managing Your Energy
If you feel stressed, out of control, anxiousÉallow yourself the opportunity to learn some simple techniques that might help you regain your energy.

Conducting More Effective Meetings
Meetings are vital communication and decision-making forums when conducted effectively. Learn about the common mistakes people make and key tips to make your meetings more productive.

Learning to Delegate Successfully
Learn how to assess when it is appropriate to delegate activities and how to delegate successfully.

Tapping into Your Creativity
Experience fun exercises to get your creative juices going, help you rediscover your creative side, and get better results.

Riding the Seesaw:
Creating Balance in Your Life!
Discover the difference between a human being and a human doing; how to define "balance" for you; two key strategies toward creating balance in your life; and the barriers and messages that may get in the way.

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